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Sarah Morrison is a writer, internet personality, and marketing genius. She was the editor of, up until the magazine’s recent demise. She wrote a weekly column called Best Week Ever on for a number of years, detailing her hilarious day to day life. Her writing has been published in Missbehave Magazine and Vapors Magazine. She has also created and managed lifestyle blogs for both Urban Outfitters and Volcom Girl’s Clothing.

Sarah has worked on online marketing and branding projects with a variety of clients including; XBox, Cafe Habana and Habana Outpost (NYC), Cinespace Restaurant and Lounge (LA), Bacardi B-live, Volcom Clothing, Urban Outfitters, Nikita clothing, and many others.

She is known to throw amazing parties, when so inclined. Past events have included; Cinespace Tuesdays with Dim Mak records, the Camel (cigarettes) No.9 Los Angeles Launch Party, and Trash and Diamonds with She has also thrown an alarming amount of afterparties at CMJ, Cochella, SXSW, and TKTK other musical festivals.

Sarah recently left New York to return to Los Angeles. She spends her free time in a bikini: Twittering, watching television, and leaving really long voicemail messages. She is really funny and SUPER pretty. Last time she checked she had 31,599 Myspace friends.


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  1. Excellent article, Added to favorites – gotta show it to my friends

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